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We deal in Fast Moving Consumer Goods ranging from Body care, Hair Care, Oral care and Hygiene products,

Perfumes & Cosmetics

We have a range of Perfumes and Cosmetics catering to our Middle Eastern and USSR markets

Food Stuff

With our vast experience and knowledge over the years we also supply a wide variety of food items

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Viniprod International Trading

Viniprod International Trading was found in 2005 in Dubai-UAE by Mr. Pradeep Kanjani, He has been a pioneer in the FMCG, Food, Perfumes, Cosmetics retail and import/export industry since 1990.

With his expertise and knowledge across Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Georgia, other Middle eastern and Asian countries, He expanded his operations and set-up his general trading company as Viniprod International Trading LLC.

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Our Products

What We Do

We specialize in wholesale & import/export of cosmetics, perfumes, food items and fast moving consumer goods to clients across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

We distribute certain products to wholesalers from Dubai and at the same time execute distribution as wholesalers in Dubai.

Over the past 15 years we have acquired a loyal customer base in the form of wholesalers, retailers as well as consumers all across UAE and in international markets. We have strong brand partners across the globe owing to our excellent service and trading experience.

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